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Student Information

Welcome to the student information page. Chiropractic can be studied at the Durban University of Technology or University of Johannesburg . It is a six year course consisting of 2 years of basic sciences followed by four years specialising in chiropractic. The admissions department of the relevant institution can be contacted for admission details.

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Chiropractic Internship Programme

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Chiropractors who study and qualify in South Africa, are required to complete a research dissertation, in order to receive their Masters in Technology of Chiropractic Degree, which then further entitles the graduate to apply for registration with the AHPCSA as an intern prior to being recommended for registration as a practice (i.e. issuing of a registration number and then also a practice number).

The process of research is not an easy one, so in consultation with students from theDUT and UJ, we have added facilities to the site which we hope will make life a lot easier for those currently in the process of doing research.

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