21 Jan 1981

Various meetings are held with the SA Medical and Dental Council (SAMDC) in order to explore the possibility of chiropractic falling under the wing of that council. This request is subsequently turned down by the Council.


After a meeting between CASA and the Homoeopathic Association of South Africa (which includes representation of osteopaths, naturopaths and herbalists) with Minister, Dr LAPA Munnik (at his request), the Minister arranges for both the chiropractors and homeopaths to each separately present evidence in support of their respective professions to the SAMDC and the South African Medical Association.


This is held in Cape Town on 10th of August 1981


The South African Medical and Dental Council (SAMDC), being the advisory body to the Department of Health, is asked by the Minister, Dr LAPA Munnik, to take the two professions “under their wing”.


In November of 1981, and much to CASA’s dismay, CASA learns that the SAMDC has voted by 17 votes to 16 against the Minister’s request.