21 Jan 1970

Dr Carel de Wet, Minister of Health, is approached by the unified profession to introduce positive legislation for chiropractic. Being anti-chiropractic, he draws on the 1962 Report as motivation for his limited legislative recognition of the profession.


21 Jan 1962

Dr Albert Hertzog, Minister of Health, appoints a Commission of Inquiry into chiropractic. The findings of the report are negative.


1 Jan 1961

A private members bill is introduced in Parliament by Mr B J van der Walt, MP for Pretoria West, seeking legal recognition for chiropractic.


21 Jan 1960

The chiropractic profession continues to grow and the need for legislation to govern and control it becomes more apparent than ever.


1 Jan 1940

The first chiropractic association is formed in Johannesburg.


21 Jan 1928

The South African Medical and Dental Act comes into effect. However, chiropractic services are not included in the Act.


1 Jan 1926

The first chiropractors arrive in South Africa, establishing a practice in Adderley Street, Cape Town.

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