International student day

18 Nov 2018 Blogs

Here at CASA, we are passionate about encouraging curious young minds to enter and explore the world of chiropractic care. Because of this, we are enthusiastic celebrators of International Student Day, held on the 17th of November each year.

What is international student day?
International Students Day is a celebration of multiculturalism amongst students worldwide, as well as an international observance of student activism. Students, after all, are powerful – not only do they have the opportunity to shape their own future, they have the opportunity to shape the future of others as well. Talk about great responsibility!

What you need to know about studying chiropractic in South Africa
If you’re interested in studying chiropractic in South Africa, what better way in which to investigate this potential path than on International Student Day? Here’s all of the information that you need to know.

Ideally, you may opt to study chiropractic at either the Durban University of Technology or University of Johannesburg. Both of these universities offer world-class quality courses in chiropractic care.

How long?
It is a six year course consisting of 2 years of basic sciences followed by four years specialising in chiropractic.

The requirements
Each institution will have its own unique requirements, so it will be to your benefit to do some additional investigating at the institution of your choice. However, most institutions will require that you have a Senior Certificate with matriculation exemption with at least two of the following modules:
• Mathematics (with a minimum of 50%)
• Science (with a minimum of 50%)
• Biology (with a minimum of 50%)

When selecting students, the university will look at more than just your marks. You will also be invited for an interview and will need to obtain two letters of recommendation from two different practising doctors of chiropractic.

Are you already a student of chiropractic? If so, then be sure to register as a student member of CASA here.
Here’s to diverse students from around the globe. May you find your place in the world and a career that fills you with passion each and every day.