Lower back pain

29 Aug 2017 Blogs

Lower back pain is the leading cause for years lived with disability worldwide! This is largely because lower back pain very often becomes chronic or recurrent. In fact up to 34% of lower back pain cases will persist and become chronic, and 60% of lower back pain is recurring.

So why is this important? Well a recent study found that the biggest risk factor for a complaint of lower back pain becoming chronic or recurrent was how long the condition was around for before treatment began! A delay in seeking treatment of just 2 weeks significantly increased the chances of a condition recurring in future, and pain left for 3 months or longer had a greater likelyhood of becoming chronic.

An Observational Study on Recurrences of Low Back Pain During the First 12 Months After Chiropractic Treatment
Knecht, Christina et al.
Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics , Volume 40 , Issue 6 , 427 – 433