Prevention of injuries month

18 Dec 2018 Blogs

December Prevention of Injuries Month in South Africa and a time to focus on how we can go about safeguarding our health and wellbeing. Injuries to the neck and/or spine can lead to chronic pain, and the reality is yet so many of these injuries are easily preventable. Here’s what you need to know.

Common injuries that lead to back and neck pain

By far, the most common injuries that lead to back and neck pain are sustained in car and motorcycle accidents. Other common injuries include bad falls, sprains, whiplash and injuries brought about by heavy lifting.
How to prevent these injuries

Injuries like car accidents can be prevented to a point by ensuring that you follow the rules of the road and stick to the speed limit. Falls can be prevented by always holding onto the railing when using the stairs and constantly being aware of your surroundings. After all, many falls are caused by tripping over objects or slipping on wet surfaces!

Sprains and strains are often caused by sleeping in an awkward position, as well as the pillow that you use. A memory foam pillow will provide better support and reduce the likelihood of suffering from regular ‘cricks’ in the neck.

Most importantly, make sure that you’re using the correct lifting technique when lifting heavy objects – especially if this something that you do on a regular basis! Avoid bending forward when lifting. Instead, squat down and grab the object from the bottom. Use your legs and the strength in your arms to lift it up, as opposed to the muscles in your back, and pay special attention to your posture at all times. Always hold the load close to your body and squat once again to set it down. Also, if you need help lifting something, be sure to ask for it!

Treating chronic neck and back pain

It is so important to seek treatment quickly when this type of pain presents. Countless people suffering from neck and back pain will try their best to just ‘live with it’, but this can make the affliction worse. A visit to a qualified chiropractor can help to eliminate the symptoms or, at the very least, reduce them to a manageable level.
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